Our platform is fully modular so you can pick and choose any product combination to compliment your existing product


Smart processing features

  • Cascading

    Smart routing of your transaction using various parameters and big data wisdom: Country, amount, customer profile, currency, BIN, card type and
  • Segmentation

    Build risk, financial, value segments and customize your cashier accordingly, offer the right payment methods and channels to the relevant segment
  • 3D smart routing

    Our system will automatically send different transaction though 3D acquiring and others through non 3D for optimal performance with minimum risk according to your internal risk policy/requirement
  • <> chargeback risk management

    Our risk management engine is always on in the background, protecting your business and channels
  • A/B testing

    We offer A/B testing across all configurations so you can test different set ups and see what works better for you
  • <> finance risk management

    Our risk algorithm will automatically route volumes and adjust offering to address finance risk while keeping business objectives on target


Fraud Prevention

Built-in fraud module to detect and prevent fraudulent activity in real time, adjust fraud exposure at any time using multiple filters

  • Adjust your fraud sensitivity using our rich set of fraud rules
  • Apply automatic action or alert to be reviewed by agent
  • Default customer profiling models are available, choose them or customize your own
  • Fingerprinting across wide variety of parameters for accurate and reliable results
  • Our built in data mining algorithms alert on fraud groups relationships



Automated reconciliation

Built in automatic reconciliation across integrated solutions, reports that will help you easily locate problems and solve them

Risk Management

Set of reports, tools, alerts to reflect finance risk at any given time and allow quick action for mitigation

Cash flow management

360 view of your cash flow, easy reports to help you manage it and avoid potential risks or bottle necks



Key matrix dashboard
Real time Dashboard
Fraud Reports
Risk Reports

Real time Dashboard

Flexible Key matrix dashboard designed in simple way to show you what works and what doesn’t in every market, vertical, product, segment